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What would you use XpenseTag expense tracker app for?

Decide how to use XpenseTag Expense Management App in best way possible. Select what suites you Best and see how XpenseTag simplifies expense tracking for you

Family Expense Tracking

  • Tag School Fees
  • Tag Child Hobby Expenses
  • Tag Doctor Visit Expenses
  • Tag Insurance Premiums
  • Tag Home Expenses
  • Tag Day Care Expenses
  • Tag Grocery Bills for month
  • Tag Fruit/Vegetable Spend
  • Tag Eggs/Meat/Fish Spend
  • Tag Eating Out Expenses
  • Ability to sync these expenses on phones of family members

Individual Expense Tracking

  • Tag Monthly Rent
  • Tag Fuel Expense
  • Tag Eating Out
  • Tag Trip Expenses
  • Tag Gifts
  • Track personal expenses visible only to you

Travel Expense Tracking

  • Tag Individual Trip Expense
  • Tag Food Expense per Trip
  • Tag Lodging Expense per Trip
  • Tag Travel Expense
  • Use Multiple currencies as you travel
  • Analyze your individual trip's overall expense

Education Expense Tracking

  • Tag College/Tuition Fees
  • Tag Stationary Expense
  • Tag Hobby Expenses
  • Tag Doctor Visit Expenses
  • Tag Train/Bus Ticket Expenses

Business Expense Tracking

  • Tag Office Expenses
  • Tag Salary Expenses
  • Tag Insurance Premiums
  • Tag Stationary Expense
  • Tag Travel Expenses

Medical and Related Expense Tracking

  • Tag Home Expenses
  • Tag Medicine Expenses
  • Tag Insurance Premiums
  • Tag Donations/Gifts
  • Tag Vacation Expenses

Easy Capture

Multi Currency expense app. Capture expense easily with tags. Duplicate expenses wherever applicable. Built-in multi device sync. Automatic data restore on new device. Powerful Family Expense feature.

Simple Analysis

Track expense on android phone in detail. Search and find expenses done years before with a touch. Export expenses to spreadsheet

Get Rewarded

Your discipline will pay off. Our team will roll out upcoming power packed features that would help you in ways never imagined before.

Spend as you wish. Tag like never before. Control your spending with powerful tag based search.